Friday, February 2, 2007


It is amazing, isn't it? Pavilion Village is a reality as well as our web site and blog page. I am so blown away by Gods plans. These tools would be useless to me if my Husband Michael hadn't pursued pushing forward with starting the whole internet thing. Thanks Babe!! Thanks for supporting the whole Vision!!

I also want to thank Debbie Gray our resident missionary who consistently amazes me with her ability to adapt to another culture, and to changes with transportation issues. Thanks for being such a trooper.

I want to thank my family who allows us to go to Africa several times a year. I am so proud of our boys and their maturity in understanding why we have to go. We appreciate our church family who enable us to go every time. They keep everything going at church and at home including taking care of our family and pets. Thanks to the whole family !!

Thanks to the board of Pavilion Village. My favorite verse for all of us is Proverbs 11:14 " ...there is safety in a multitude of counselors " KJV

Elisa French,
Pavilion Village

Director's Blog Coming Soon

Updates from Debbie Grey, director of Pavilion Village, and Cecilia Sides, assistant director, and Elisa French, founder and president of Pavilion Village, will be posted here beginning soon.